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.....The purpose of this project is to create learning materials of Chinese Initial Consonants for 1~2-grade students in Taiwan elementary schools.

.....Main Ideas

.....In order to motivate kids to learn Chinese Initial Consonants, I adopted interactive Flash technology to reproduce the traditional print-based materials. Video clips were used to introduce the writing forms, pronunciations and related objects of Chinese Initial Consonants. Users can watch the videos at their own pace by clicking Repeat or Stop buttons within the application.

.....After watching these videos, users can play three different games to reinforce the concepts that they just learned. These interactive games provided sound feedbacks and relevant images. For example, the rabbit game provides sound feedbacks when a user makes a correct action which reminds him/her how to pronounce the third consonant correctly. In addition, the puzzle game presents the writing form of the second initial consonant and the user needs to know how to write the second consonant correctly to get scores. Overall, interactive games may motivate users by providing vivid sounds and interesting animations. Since the target users of this application are young kids, their physical development (e.g., finger dexterity) can be reinforced by making use of the functions of mouse, such as clicking and draging.

.....Learning Objectives

.....(1) Students learn how to write each initial consonant by watching the instruction.
.....(2) Students learn how to pronounce each initial consonant by watching the instruction.
.....(3) Students learn to recognize an object related to each initial consonant by watching the instruction.
.....(4) Students strengthen their concepts about Chinese initial consonants by using interactive games,
.......... including “Slot Machine”, “Rabbit Game”, “Puzzle Game.”

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